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2/23/2014 · Top 5 Algae Eating Reef Tank Fish . In a reef tank, many of the conditions that we create as we grow our corals also promote the growth of an unwanted neighbor, algae. The balancing act of providing a nice habitat for corals to grow and keeping algae at bay plays out every day both in the wild as well as in our tanks.
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Every saltwater aquarist experiences green hair algae in their marine aquarium at one time or another. It may start as just a few strands of algae on a piece of live rock and seem to not be a big problem, but if the conditions in the aquarium are right, it can spread across that one piece of rock, then leap to other pieces, and then quickly jump to the aquarium walls and cover them.
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Reef safe algae eaters are rock and glass cleaners that consume both micro and diatom algae safely and efficiently in a saltwater aquarium.
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7/1/2009 · fish to eat hair algae? - I have hair algae that just won't go away.I have room for another couple inches of fish in my tank (30 gal) and am looking for recommendations of …
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3/23/2017 · Best Marine Saltwater Algae Eating Fish In this video I talk through the best saltwater algae eating fish. The main marine fish species which eat algae are generally tangs, however there are other ...
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1/26/2004 · sea hare. this is not a lettuce nidibranch by a differnet name. what size tank do you have? i have one that i swap out between our two systems. right now it is doing duty in my wifes system. which is a 75g with 20g refuge/tank. it eats just about any algae it comes across. eats sargassum by the stalk. also eats hair algae. the only thing that it will not eat is razor caleurpa. it may not eat ...
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It is normal to see a small green hair algae bloom one month after moving or starting a new saltwater fish aquarium, but growth should be limited after the addition of a clean-up crew or algae eating fish like a blenny or tang. For hair algae to grow, it requires light, nitrate, phosphate and …
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1/19/2018 · Turn green hair algae into food. If your local fish store doesn’t have a nice selection of marine iguanas (that was a joke), another option to help get the green hair algae under control is to add some livestock that will eat it. Emerald crabs and lawnmower blennies are two animals with a taste for green hair algae. They can help, they are ...
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3/3/2019 · Which fish species really eat algae? Not all fish can eat algae just several species of fish as algae-eaters. One of the common freshwater fish as a good algae eater is the Common Pleco. Here is a short list of some of the most common freshwater and saltwater algae eaters I know.
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5/25/2012 · when i really had a problem with hair algae and staghorn algae i ended up taking the plants out and giving them a good cleaning along with changing just a little bit more of the water once a week. this has kept the algae down to a manageable level, i think it tilted the scale back in favor of the plants. keep us updated on what works for you.