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FISHER® Component Weight Data 1 December 15, 2013 FISHER® COMPONENT WEIGHT DATA NOTE: See next section for variable definitions. Off-Truck Assembly with Blade Size Blade Assembly Wt (lb) Z 6'-8" Personal Plow 239 20.4
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FISHER® snow plows, spreaders and snow removal equipment for personal use, light commercial, professional, and municipal snow and ice removal. ... Pusher Plow. STORM BOXX ... Search for products, images, marketing materials or information about Fisher Engineering.
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Parts & Service. Find the parts and service documentation you need by using eSearch or one of the Helpful Links below. Search by keyword, literature number or part number.
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9/2/2014 · The HT Series snow plow is designed for the weight requirements of today’s lighter half-ton four-wheel-drive pickup trucks. It’s a great plow for personal and light commercial use. If features ...
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12/13/2003 · The Curtis plow is listed at 750# (not sure if this includes the mount) for the 1SP75 model I'm interested in. The HD Fisher appears to be about the same weight as the Curtis, and I have an extra 6" to work with on the moldboard. But, this is listed on the Fisher web site for 3/4 ton and up.
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4/3/2013 · As half-ton pick-ups became lighter, half-ton truck owners have struggled to find a rugged, hard-working snow plow that meets today's vehicle weight requirements. The HT Series snow plow is a full ...
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Your nationwide dealer for Factory Original Fisher Snow Plow Parts & Accessories. Nationwide shipping on Fisher Snow Plows and Free Parts Shipping over $199.00
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FISHER® Component Weight Data 4 February 1, 2018 FISHER® COMPONENT WEIGHT DATA Fsi her Engni eerni g reserves the rgi ht under ts i product mi provement pocil y to change construcoti n or desgi n detas li and furnsi h equpi ment when so atel red without reference to …
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3/27/2019 · The Fisher HT was introduced to fight tight front end weight restrictions on new half ton trucks back in 2007. Since then, the trucks have been altered to allow slightly heavier plows without warranty void. The Fisher SD comes standard with a poly edge because it lightens the weight but the steel edge is an easy and common replacement.
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